Gallery in Denver, CO where you can view the Artists Off Grid Exhibition

The Museum of Make Believe is new project I am looking forward to being apart of. From the vision of Geoff Mitchell, the Museum of Make Believe is dedicated to preserving the timeless art of storytelling in a uniquely creative environment that is both ethereal and enchanting. Created by a team of artists and visionaries, it offers a truly magical twist on the way contemporary art is experienced. Prepare to be transported to a place of magic and mystery where you can experience the charm of nostalgia, the power of storytelling, and the spark of imagination.

Spark Portrait is website I created where clients can commission me to create portraits for them using their own photographs, or from life.

Residency Program that I created in 2017.

Artists Off Grid is an independent and non profit artist-in-residence centered in the visual arts located just outside Red Feather Lakes, CO. This residency, off the grid and in the wild, allows residents to experience nature and community as they create artwork outside 

The culmination of this residency for each participating artist will be inclusion in an exhibition at Abend Gallery in Denver CO, Spring of 2020. The mission of these two weeks is to disentangle from our technology, to slow down and simplify, and to focus on artmaking.

Group and private lessons for adults and kids.